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30-Year Finish Warranty

Painstaking care is taken in manufacturing these high-end products. The process begins with the selection of quality lumber from managed forests, which is kiln-dried to the ideal moisture content level. The wood is then milled with state-of-the-art equipement to ensure perfect fitting, uniformly-level floors. The culmination of this process is the application of 6 coats of aluminium oxide based finish, which delivers unsurpassed resistance to wear and is backed by our 30 Year Residential, and 15 Year Commercial Wear Surface Warranty.

In its concern for preserving the world's forests, FloorUS has insured that all products are manufactured and harvested in accordance with local government regulations including reforestation.

FloorUS warrants, to the original purchaser, that its surface wear layer will not wear through or separate from the wood for a full 30 years, from date of purchase, when used under normal residential traffic conditions. This warranty covers all FloorUS Original and International prefinished products. 10 years commercial warranty.

FloorUS warranty do not cover indentations, scratches or damages cause by negligence, water erosion, insects, spiked hell shoes, failiure to follow instructions, improper maintenance, insufficient protection, misuse or improper alterations of the original manufactured product.

Normal exposure to sunlight will cause subtle changes in the shading of any hardwood floor as the floor ages. Area rugs should be moved occasionally as they block sunlight and may give the appearance of discoloring under the rug. This is not a product defect.

This writing is the complete and exclusive statement of the warranty, and is in lieu of all other express and/or statutory warranties. FloorUS assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages. However; some provinces or states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that may vary from one location to another.

The sole remedy provided herein is the repair, refinish replacement of defective products.


Responsibility for final inspection and approval falls to the customer and installer prior to permanent installation. It is the installers responsibility to check color, finish and quality before installation. If your installer is not satisfied with our flooring prior to installation, then do not install the floor and contact us right away. We are not responsible for any costs associated with repairing or replacing boards that were installed with evident defects.