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Greenland Hardwood Flooing Care and Maintenance


  • 1. Immediately blot up spills or spots with a lightly damp cloch.
  • 2. Frequently vacuum or dust your floor to prevent dirt, and grit from scratching or dulling its finish.
  • 3. Clean your floor with a good quality non-abrasive wood floor cleaner and mop. your dealer can provide these.
  • 4. If installed near entrances, use mats/area rugs, to trap grit which otherwise can damage the surface.
  • 5. Use good quality felt protentors on all furniture legs.
  • 6. Move appliances and furniture into place by sliding them slowly over the floor on a clean piece of carpet (turned upside-down), or a masonite with the smooth side down.
  • 7. Avoid use of spiked heel shoes on your floor, as these can leave indentations or scratches which is not covered under warranty.
  • 8. Do Not use soap or detergents to "Damp mop" the floor and never pour water directly onto the floor.
  • 9. Do Not wax the floor. Waxing is neither necessary or recommended.
  • 10. Do Not use ammoniated cleaners, steel wool or abrasive pads on your floor.
  • 11. Do Not use lacquer thinner or acetone to remove spots. Mineral spirits can be used sparingly.
  • 12. If, in time surface buffing and refinising is required, we recemmend the assistance of a professional refinisher using equipment designed specifically for the purpose.