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Solid Hardwood Floor Engineered Hardwood Distressed Hardwood Laminate Flooring
FloorUS Solid Hardwood Floor FloorUS Engineered Hardwood Floor FloorUS Distressed Hardwood Floor FloorUS Laminate Floor
Solid Bamboo Flooring Engineered Bamboo Distressed Bamboo Strand Woven Bamboo
FloorUS Solid Bamboo Floor FloorUS Engineered Bamboo Floor FloorUS Distressed Bamboo Floor FloorUS Strand Woven Bamboo Floor
Marble Tiles Granite Tiles Marble Medallions Granite Countertops
FloorUS Marble Tiles FloorUS Granite Tiles FloorUS Medallion Mosaic FloorUS Granite Countertops
FloorUS Warehouse

FloorUS is absolutely your factory direct source. FloorUS provides Solid Hardwood Floor, Engineered Hardwood Floor, Distressed Hardwood Floor, Solid Bamboo Flooring, Engineered Bamboo Flooring, Distressed Solid Bamboo, Laminate Flooring, Granite Tiles, Marble Tiles, and Marble Medallions of the highest quality at the lowest prices in the North American market. Guaranteed!

Super Quality: There are three main points during the production process when inspection is performed:

  • When raw materials are received prior to entering production
  • Whilst products are going through the production process
  • When products are finished - inspection or testing takes place before products are dispatched to customers

FloorUS offers floorings in both pallet quantities for homeowners and small contractors, builders, retailers and in larger quantities for our importers, distributors and wholesalers.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we welcome you to come back to see what we've updated and added.

FloorUS Attention We install flooring in Los Angeles Metropolitan Area!

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